A History of Christian Thought

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  1. Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community;
  2. The Word Made Flesh: A History of Christian Thought.
  3. Completely revised and expanded edition.
  4. Studies in the History of Christian Traditions.

This completely revised edition has been expanded to include introductions to more recent theologians such as John Hick, George Lindbeck and John Milbank. Each period has a brief scene-setting introduction, and each thinker is not only described but also quoted - a valuable feature because even a brief paragraph gives the reader something of the 'flavour' of the man's work'-- Richard Bauckham, Professor of New Testament, St Andrews University, Scotland, in Third Way.

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A HISTORY OF CHRISTIAN THOUGHT by Paul Tillich | Kirkus Reviews

What do you think is a particularly important passage? How does the reading seem to fit into our picture of the development of Christian thought so far? How, if at all, does it speak to your own theological concerns? For your pp. This issue will have to do with religious teaching, e. Origen vs. Augustine on salvation , in effect setting up a debate.

A History of Christian Thought

You will choose key primary-source texts for the purpose of explaining and evaluating the theological positions. You will also touch base with current scholarship, discussing at least one other substantial discussion of your thinker s on your issue e. For how your issue is seen today is part of what you are studying. By Week 6 you will have consulted with me on your topic and on how to find appropriate resources. Triumph and Diversity, A.

Justo L. Three Types of Theology. Steven Rowan. Anthony Bonner.

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What are the most important conceptions and ideals that Christianity presents in conversations about reality and value? What has the Christian movement accomplished? What role has Christianity played in world history? Course readings will be assigned mainly in these required books, available in the bookstore: Paul A. Thomas Aquinas , ed. The revised term essay is due by the last day of finals week.

Work hard; have fun.

Essentials of Christian Thought, Session 2: Knowing Christianly, by Roger Olson

You will have an opportunity to rewrite the essay to improve it. Being in class, being engaged with the work of the class, and behaving courteously are all expected. One discourtesy to avoid is coming into class late. Late papers. Written assignments turned in late will lose a letter grade or equivalent.