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The robot in this waterjet application plays a major role in this innovative, disruptive aerospace technology.

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While this robotic arm is an industry-leading solution for waterjet cutting, research still continues into more rigid robotic arms. While the BMDC has produced some fascinating results, research continues across the globe to advance robotic capabilities, especially in the aerospace sector where demands placed on robots are extremely high.

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Aerospace Robotics Applications — The Future of Waterjet Cutting The Aquarese system — specifically designed to replace CNC machines that can cost 3 or 4 times as much — is the only waterjet cutting system capable of achieving 94, psi 6, bar. Enter E-mail Address:. Visit our other association websites.

Every day is different. So usually, if I find something difficult, I actually make an effort to do it until it is effortless. What is your biggest dream to achieve in your work? I would like to leave my mark in space exploration, just as vague as that.

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What kind of books did you like most when you were a kid? I would devour them in a couple of days :. If you enjoy robotics like me, try to join a course for beginners or start a low-cost project available online.

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