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Shore dives versus boat dives

There is so much marine life to be found amongst these large concrete blocks. Short penetration into the wheel house is possible, but it is very tight. If you are wreck specialty certified, have gloves, reel, two lights and a certified buddy, you can go for it but simply peering into the entrance and shining your light around should be sufficient.

White tip reef sharks often rest underneath the bow section where hair hermit crabs have also been found. South of the bow there are several pipes, the largest of which is a great spot for observing the whip-coral goby on its host.

The best dive sites of Oahu, Hawaii

The wreck also has some of the now-rare black coral that is used to make jewelry. The New Barge.

Deep-Dive Into Hawaii's Best Diving Spots

Similar to the Baby Barge, but bigger and offering a nice swim-through for the length of the entire wreck, the New Barge is home to some monstrous turtles. These turtles never stop growing and can live up to years. The turtles that make this wreck home must be close to that age. This large pile of blocks holds huge schools of fish which makes it a favorite spot of local fisherman and the occasional talented spear fishing free diver. This wreck can be connected in a drift dive with the Baby Barge Wreck if the conditions are right. The Baby Barge. The reef surrounding the Baby Barge is great.

However, because the Baby Barge has been steadily deteriorating since we started diving it in , then penetrations we used to do are no longer possible. Turtles are usually everywhere and seeing five or more is not uncommon. The San Pedro Wreck. It is rarely done as the main wreck and is usually an extra feature of the YO wreck dive. It used to offer a nice swim through, but since the bridge collapsed during a storm, it has become a great place for photo opportunities.

You can often spot one or two white tip reef sharks hiding in the wreck or next to it in one of the reef overhangs. It is also a real turtle magnet with five or more often resting on the wreck. The Sea Tiger Wreck. Definitely one of our favorites, the Sea Tiger Wreck is big and has several swim through and penetration possibilities. Eagle rays are also found circling the wreck. Apart from missing wood planks and some decay of the interior, this wreck is very much intact. Popular swim throughs include the cargo holds, mid-ship, and the bridge, which allow for easy entries and exits.

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It is big enough to get lost in! The YO It has far more coral growth than the Sea Tiger as well as more fish and turtles. Sunk in by the Atlantic Submarine company, which is still active, so if you hear engines close by… watch out for the sub! You can swim through the whole stern and the inside is full of blue octocoral hanging from ceiling and walls.

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The Mahi Wreck. However, it is still a dive worth taking, especially because of all the fish and nudibrachs that are always present. No where else will you see so many puffer fish in one place. The Hawaiian Archipelago seems such a fantasy destination beyond reach that most people believed it had to be for my big day. For sure, seen from Europe, going right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a long, long trip. I took the opportunity of a business trip to Japan, added a two-week vacation, and put all my British Airways miles into a Tokyo-Kona JAL flight to check if the Aloha State is worth all the fuss and dollars on what look like exciting scuba diving experiences.

How did I end up skipping Oahu and the world-famous Hawaiian capital of Honolulu and its even more famous Waikiki Beach? First, I had to visit one of my best friends who has lived in Maui for 5 years, and this is from there you can dive in Molokini Crater. Regarding Big Island, there was the famous manta night dive and the hope to see lava flowing into the ocean. These were the main arguments to only visit 2 of the 4 main islands for my 2 weeks in Hawaii. I also wanted more time to explore each island, and it was a great way to keep my travel budget under control by avoiding too many expensive inter-island flights.

Maui is like the Eden Garden of Hawaii.

I have never seen so many diverse breath-taking landscapes concentrated on such a tiny piece of land: from waterfalls flowing in lush bamboo jungles to the apocalyptic colours of Haleakala Volcano. As a scuba diver you need to be always aware of the altitude and the risk of decompression sickness, so start with the diving and end your stay with the high altitude places like Haleakala Volcano. If you have a few extra days, you can hop on the only remaining ferry of Hawaii from Lahaina to Lanai. Be aware accommodation is expensive and scarce, but you can still make a day trip as it is only an hour ferry ride.

Count half a day for each dive site and please take into account that sometimes the weather can change rapidly so be flexible with your plans. Kona in Big Island was my initial point of arrival from Japan, but as the Ironman triathlon was about to start a couple of days later, I directly took a domestic flight to Maui, as it would mean crowds and higher prices for everything.

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If the Kona Manta Night Dive is what primarily attracted me to Big Island, I discovered other diving areas well worth the dip and many impressive nature trails well worth the hike. My itinerary recommendation for a one-week discovery of Big Island is the following and is going from northwest to southeast:. Working on how you will travel to Hawaii and between islands can lead to significant savings once you have all the cards in hands.

This why I did my best to reduce to the minimum the number of domestic flights I took during my 2 weeks in Hawaii. Here is all the essential information you should know when preparing for your trip to Hawaii:.