Boxiana Volume 1: An Anthology of New Boxing Writing

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Original, startling and thought-provoking, Boxiana examines pugilistic themes, characters and In her encyclopaedic investigation of the shifting social, political and Boxing's Hall of Shame. He reveals the sport's heroes and villains, mobsters and fixers, its shame and sorrows, providing the reader with a ringside seat at boxing's Nick Nurse. Larry Donald. Tunica, Mississippi , United States. Jackson knocked out at of the fifth round. Wladimir Klitschko. Jackson knocked out at of the second round. Fres Oquendo.

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Monte Barrett. Ray Anis. Referee stopped the bout at of the second round. Alex Stewart. Gerard Jones. Bryant Smith. Referee stopped the bout at of the fifth round. Keith McKnight. Nashville, Tennessee , United States. Jeremy Williams.

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In his Hints from Horace , Byron wrote: Who shoot not flying rarely touch a gun: Will he who swims not to the river run? And men unpractised in exchanging knocks Must go to Jackson ere they dare to box. Always keen to portray his favourite pastime as a socially cohesive 'One England' sport, he described the tumult in the park as the ranks assembled, borne on liveried carriage and hackney cab alike: The quantity of carriages, and persons upon horseback, travelling in haste to arrive at the destined spot, beggared all description, from the splendid barouche to the jolting taxed-cart, all were seen in rapid motion--at length arriving in the park belonging to the above Baronet, and a good piece of ground secured for the purpose, a forty foot ring was soon formed, and well secured by pedestrians and horsemen.

Read preview Overview. Ledbetter Princeton University Press, Boxing: A Rocky Return? Arabic literature The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Richards, I.