Building Polyfills

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See a sample build configuration for LitElement with Babel and Rollup.

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Elements built with LitElement use the Web Components set of standards, which are currently supported by all major browsers with the exception of Edge. See the Webcomponentsjs documentation for more information. If you are not loading es5 code, you don't need custom-elements-es5-loader.

Firefox script execution order window. Do not transpile the polyfills. - Discuss & share web components

Bundling them is okay. You might be wondering: all my users are with modern browsers, why would I have to wait for the CLI to produce espolyfills.

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If you want to ignore ES polyfills completely, then build your application running:. On the snippet above, you can see how Angular CLI downloads the polyfills conditionally using the nomodule attribute.

Prevent Loading Redundant ES2015+ Browser Polyfills Thanks to Angular CLI

Source maps are an amazing tool which helps us with debugging transformed code in its original form. There are a couple of reasons for this:. Angular CLI has a solution for this! In development all the source files have associated source maps. Why is this useful?

Building Polyfills

You can read more about how to upload source maps to Sentry here. Open angular. The source map property is under projects. While working on a project, I spend most of my time in the terminal.