Cyadors Heirs (Saga of Recluce, Book 17)

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Black mages can concentrate order into matter, making it unnaturally strong. Both forces can be used to kill or to shield. Both types of wielders can, to a degree, discern the presence of both forces. People who are being deceptive emanate chaos. Gray mages are extremely rare.

They manipulate both order and chaos. They are among the most powerful characters in the series. They can prolong their lives and perform awesome magical feats. Druids live in seclusion and are far less known.

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They exercise magic differently. Part of the plot in each novel involves protagonists discovering novel ways to wield chaos and order. Individuals vary significantly in innate magical strength and in skill at wielding it. They improve through practice, personal experimentation, and by studying written lore which is scant and cryptic.

The manipulation of chaos comes at a price: over time, it imbues a wizard, accelerating the deterioration of everything around him or her example: wine turning to vinegar almost before the wizard can drink it. Those wizards who channel chaos through their bodies nearly all of them have short lifespans, inversely proportional to the amount of chaos they raise. Some have found ways to reduce this effect.

Additionally, any living being that is exposed to much chaos such as the inhabitants of Fairhaven experiences a burning sensation upon touching an ordered object, akin to touching an extremely cold object. The effect's severity is proportional to the accumulated chaos.

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  8. For White Wizards, the result is often death. The manipulation of order has costs too. Wielding it carelessly can drain a mage of the order needed to sustain life example: absent-mindedly stroking one's wooden staff. Exceptional mages in the series discover ways to use order to funnel chaos, working around their inabilitity to manipulate chaos directly. This is effective in combat but large actions backlash on the wielder because death itself releases chaos. The unleashed chaos harms the mage. It can cause disorientation, even sensory deprivation, for timespans proportional to the amount of destruction.

    Most wielders of magic were marooned onto the world of Recluce from another universe. The new arrivals were not magical before arriving. The influx of magic from the other universe occurred twice. The ancestors of the people who wield white chaos were stranded first. The ancestors of those who wield black order were marooned years later.

    Offspring can usually inherit magical abilities. The native people have medieval technology.

    Saga of Recluce

    Both groups of newcomers were space-farers but, in time, descend to the level of the locals. Most of the novels take place long after these arrivals. The reader discovers these matters through quotes and legends peppered throughout the series. Fall of Angels provides a brief glimpse into that other universe. Wizards descend from Rationalists "Rats", "Demons". Mages descend from Angels. The Rationalists and Angels were separate cultures of a space-faring people in another universe. The cultures were engaged in a war that spanned generations.

    The technology, weaponry, and ideology of each culture is reflected in the magical abilities, hair colour, and world views of their descendants in the Recluce universe. The arrival of the Angels is described in Fall of Angels : a space warship, the Winterlance , is part of an Angel fleet attacking a Rationalist blockade. The Angels are losing. During the battle, an exceptional event occurs: energy weapons of opposite types align and focus on the Winterlance. The result is surprising: instead of being destroyed, the ship materializes elsewhere.

    From various evidence, the crew concludes that they are in an alternate universe, ruled by different physical laws. The ship no longer functions but it is close to a habitable planet, and the crew crash lands there. Soon, individuals discover strange talents and physical changes such as hair colour that will ultimately become linked to order magic. Upon contacting the planet's locals, they discover that Rationalists are also present on the planet.

    Using their manifest chaos powers as well as their advanced technology, these people create an empire called Cyador, on the continent of Candar.

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    While the series is named after Recluce, that island is uninhabited for the first millennium of the story. The first two books, chronologically, are Magi'i of Cyador and Scion of Cyador , which describe the operation of the Cyador army and its battles against the natives of Candar. These novels primarily serve to flesh out a formerly unknown part of the history of the universe. The story does establish one key element in the history of Cyador: the ultimate decline of the advanced technology of the Rationalists. Initially, upon landing on a mostly-uninhabited part of one of the world's continents, the Rationalists later known as Demons managed to create a number of advanced mechanical devices, powered by chaos.

    They also erected a number of collection towers that were used to focus chaos into these devices. By the time of the first novel, these towers are failing, and the empire is losing the ability to maintain its advanced technology. The opening of Magi'i of Cyador is usually considered "Year 1" in the history of Recluce.

    Unlike the Demons, the Angels manipulate order. Of note are two specific angels, Nylan and Ryba, who would become legendary figures in coming novels. Ryba develops a talent for prophecy. Her extensive writings are quoted by future generations as The Book of Ryba , while Nylan develops the foundations of order magic. Nylan also fathers the child Weryl.

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    By this time, the fire-wagons and fire-lances that were once central to the empire have vanished, and the empire is fully dependent on its chaos wizards. The ultimate result of this confrontation is the founding of the Druids, which take up residence in a magically active forest called The Accursed Forest by the natives, but The Great Forest of Naclos in later generations.

    She tries to protect Westwind, as political and military problems build in the surrounding countries of Gallos, Lornth, and Suthya. In this novel, characters indicate that almost 10 generations have passed since the reign of Lorn in Cyador. Kirby does a great job telling this solid entry in the Recluse series. This one is not as compelling as some of the others but still worth the listen. This is yet another great book in the series. Well worth rereading after a time. I also wondered why it is Lerial never considers asking the elders of The Verde about order magery. A brilliant youth who doesn't ask questions? This just didn't make sense.