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Please refresh the page and retry. P otholes in England would now be 15 times deeper than the lowest point in the Grand Canyon if combined, with a new one reported every 43 seconds, figures have revealed. This amounts to nearly 15 times deeper than the darkest depths of the Grand Canyon or three times the height of Mount Everest. R oads in the North East of England are most plagued by new potholes, with councils in the region receiving more than , complaints, followed by Yorkshire and the Humber with 92, Britain's pothole crisis was described earlier this year as a "national scandal" in a report by MPs sitting on the Commons Transport Select Committee.

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McDonald maintains tight control over the plot and characterization, and creates a claustrophobic atmosphere in keeping with the title Deeper than the Sea. While we can empathise with Theo, and understand the intensity of her love for Beth, we are also allowed to see that it is too much, too single- minded. It is a measure of success of the work that what remains after reading the book are questions that are raised, subsidiary to the main plot, but a result of the carefully developed characterization of Theo and her relationship with Beth. But there is no question where the book stands on the value placed on the love between a mother and a child.

Search for: Search. In tackling the work, Debra Perrone and Scott Jasechko had a number of different questions about groundwater usage they wanted to address. First they set out to determine both where in the country wells are located and what purposes they serve -- domestic, industrial or agricultural.

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They also wanted to track the depths of wells in different areas and test to see if wells are being drilled deeper over time. Focusing on regions known to depend on groundwater, such as California's Central Valley, the pair collected a wealth of information about different types of wells across the country. Groundwater is generally a matter of state management, so they had to cull their data from a variety of sources.

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  • Scientists know that groundwater depletion is causing some wells to run dry. Where conditions are right, drilling new and deeper wells can stave off this issue, for those who can afford it. Indeed, Perrone and Jasechko found that new wells are getting deeper between 1. News media had documented the trend in places like the Central Valley, but it is pervasive in many other parts of the country as well.

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    This includes places like Iowa, where groundwater hasn't been studied as intensively, he noted. The reasons for drilling deeper are varied, according to Perrone.

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    For instance, people drill deeper to avoid contamination seeping into aquifers from the surface, or to access aquifers that have less stringent withdrawal regulations, she explained. Some people may drill deeper to source more water. Four major factors explain why deeper drilling won't solve water woes indefinitely.

    For starters, it costs more, and it requires more energy to pump water from deep underground compared to water closer to the surface. Geology presents another challenge: Deeper strata are generally less conducive to groundwater extraction.

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    And finally, groundwater tends to get saltier at depth, so at a certain point it becomes unusable if not treated. As a result, in many regions there's a floor to how deep we can productively drill for water.

    This issue hits rural communities particularly hard.