Demography of Russia: From the Past to the Present

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Whichever the case, almost no one seems prepared.

Russia's Geography Problem

People are going to have to work longer, experts say. And the U. But the government "seems to be nowhere near making the social security reforms that are needed. At the same time, there will be more old people: forecasts include a spike in the number of people 80 and over.

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The most worrying figure: The world will not have sufficient working-age people to support the elderly. Currently, North America has just under four workers per retired person.

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Seven European countries have three, and Japan has just a bit more than two. This site uses cookies to enhance your reading experience. By using this site, you consent to our use of cookies. This issue is the classic "under the water" part of the Russian iceberg, which will shape the nation's direction for years to come.

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To a non-expert like me, the Russian demographic story is fascinating, not just because of its national and geopolitical implications but because it is about both low birth rates and high death rates. Male life expectancy in Russia today is approximately 60 years, or at least 15 years less than in most industrialized nations.

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It has been oft-remarked that many developed nations now have declining birth rates because of job opportunities for women. But Russia's low birth rates are due to economic problems, and together with high death rates caused by poor health, these factors make Russian's demographic problems striking.

Together these have led to a decline in Russian population from The UN Population Division estimated several years ago that Russian population in the year -- one year after President Putin would complete two six-year terms -- would continue to decline dramatically, settling in a range from million to million.

The U. Census Bureau, in another study several years old, estimated that the Russian population would be million in that year.

Russia Population Forecast

However, according to published reports, Russian state statistical authorities say that the population could be in the high millions lower than present, but not much lower , while the Ministry of Economic Development optimistically states hopes that population decline will stop in about 10 years and return to current levels by Whatever the disparities in estimates about Russia's future population, there is no question about the facts that existed in when Putin addressed the demographic crisis in his state of the nation speech.

These are the benchmarks from which improvements are measured. At that time:.

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The causes of the alarming death rate include heart disease, accidents, violence, and suicide -- often associated with heavy, sometimes binge, drinking. Smoking rates are among the highest in the world twice as high as in U. Environmental conditions, especially in the work place, are often poor. This book is a wonderful contribution.

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With its complex history and geo-political standing, understanding the demography and population dynamics of this country is of utmost relevance. This volume not only gives a rigorous overview of the demographic history of the country, but also an up-to-date picture of recent demographic trends through the extensive usage of archive-materials and micro-data analysis. It is the obvious reference for those interested in learning about the demography of Russia.

Using data from a variety of sources, the authors integrate insights from demography, economics and sociology to provide a comprehensive analysis of the unique Russian demographic experience through the eras of the late Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the modern Russian Federation. Everyone who wants to understand demographic change in Russia should read this book.

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