Dynamite Fishermen (Beirut Trilogy, Book 1)

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Evaluation of Water Quality of the Qaraaoun Reservoir, Lebanon: Suitability for Multipurpose Usage

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The Bourne Identity (Bourne Series #1)

While this fragment of history is mostly forgotten today, the episode became one of the most sensational news stories of its time, garnering intense national interest. This is a novel that raises challenging questions about the meanings of patriotism, justice, and American morality during difficult times. Three deadly immortal warriors. Their empress reincarnate. A prince who will stop at nothing to keep her from her Realm. Orphaned and alone, Alex has lived her life on the streets, avoiding the unwanted attentions of the drug dealer who offered her his protection.

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She has no idea that another world awaits her, a chaotic Realm full of impossible, unbelievable wonders. Sage, Silver, and Ice have spent a lifetime roaming the earth imprisoned in their beastforms while awaiting the return of their beloved empress.

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Only her reincarnation can free them. But others are searching for her, too. She is being hunted down by her mortal enemy, a prince who has sought to destroy her since the beginning of time.

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Innocent of the power she wields, Alex is defenseless save for her captivating beauty. Even the Realm that awaits her is laden with danger and dark secrets. Will their love for her be strong enough to make them turn on one of their own?

Pyke Genre : Science Fiction. For the first time ever, all three novellas depicting a time of crucial change in the Confederation have been compiled into a single eBook. Watch as a war with a hated enemy helps to transform the Confederation into a powerful stellar civilization. Learn of worlds so distant that bizarre propulsion techniques are necessary to reach them.

Discover the timeless threads of love and betrayal, the need for relevance, in a startling future. When an aspiring surgeon from a prestigious family loses her promising career, she locks up her heart.

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A sweet, sexy musician from the wrong side of the tracks just might hold the key. But there she was six months later, in the second row at my show, dancing to the song I wrote about her, and staring at me with the most intense gaze I was sure she could see into my soul.

Maybe fate is more powerful than money. Then I met Austin, the sweet, sexy musician who stole my breath—and my heart.