Evil Web. A True Story of Cult Abuse and Courage

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Psychological and legal evidence of the existence of ritual abuse is substantial and rapidly growingh. A recent review of the empirical evidence of ritual abuse is included in a book by Noblitt and Perskin Cult and Ritual Abuse, , Chapter 6. The American Psychiatric Press published a text in explaining the importance of correct assessment and treatment of ritualistic abuse survivors The Dilemma of Ritual Abuse: Cautions and Guides for Therapists, edited by Fraser.

A ritual abuse search on Amazon. This list is posted on this web-site on the page, "Books and videotapes on ritual abuse including Brice Taylor Trust Materials ". Police found in his basement a goats skull with a pentagram drawn on it, black robes, girls' underwear, and ceremonial candles. His license plate read P".

Smith was profiled on "America's Most Wanted on The broadcast led to his arrest. Due to these allegations, the Satanic group he founded as Rev. Sorath, Order of Perdition, has excommunicated him Washington Post, , p. B03, , p. Numerous court decisions criminal, family, juvenile, and civil have been based on findings of ritual abuse.

In August, , 65 cases were presented in this archive. For example, on February 27, , the Honorable Warren K. The post-trial geological survey under the McMartin preschool's foundation yielded convincing corroboration of the children's reports of being taken through underground tunnels "The Dark Tunnels of McMartin", Summit, R. Proponents of the position that memories of ritual abuse are false or grossly exaggerated, e.

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Introduction: This day-long workshop provides training for mental health practitioners on the topic of ritual abuse.


The presenters are all clinicians with clinical and forensic experience as well as previous and ongoing scholarly work in this area. Abstract: Whilst a Consultant Psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic , the largest National Health Service psychoanalytic psychotherapy training and treatment centre in the UK, Sinason was asked to supervise the therapy of a traumatised woman with intellectual disability in Sweden. It emerged she had been tortured by a group of staff who involved her in abusive activities in cemeteries, churches and other places.

In discussing this work in the UK Sinason received referrals at the Tavistock Clinic of white middle class professional women who stated they were victims of ritual abuse.


Story of Survivor of Multi-generational Cult : S.M.A.R.T.'s Ritual Abuse Pages

At this point in in the UK, ritual abuse was seen as something that had happened in the USA alone. Together with a Consultant psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr Robert Hale, who was Chairman of the Portman Clinic, the Forensic part of the Tavistock trust, Department of Health funding was sought to look into the lack of adequate police and health service responses.

A four year research project was undertaken which was significant, not just in itself, but in the social and media responses to such extreme trauma. A significant minority of the research group turned out to have dissociative identity disorder DID , something there had been no training in at that point.

This presentation looks at the secondary traumatisation to clinicians and the wider population and the impact on clinicians of working in an area impacted on by media fears. She is a widely published and anthologized Poet, with two full-length collections, the last being Night-Shift , Karnac Books.

She has written extensively on psychotherapy, disability and abuse with over 70 published peer-reviewed papers, chapters and books. She specializes in disability, trauma and abuse and is regularly used as an expert in court cases. Abstract: The damage of ritual abuse RA goes far beyond the agony and terror that it produces in any individual. Most notably, it appears to affect further generations; and, counterintuitively, the involvement of each individual with the abusive group can be very hard to stop.

The 'hold' that such groups have on individuals have been a source of confusion and frustration to survivors and therapists alike. This talk will propose that attachment, our most basic safety and survival instinct, can also become a Trojan Horse through which the worst damage may invade mind and body.

Story of Survivor of Multi-generational Cult

This newly suggested type of attachment can fracture the Self, produce dissociative disorders and leave a person unable to maintain any safety. As this is precisely the opposite of what attachment is meant to do, such presentation should be seen as a corruption of the attachment instinct, or an attachment disorder. The talk will describe in detail how this process occurs, show the cyclical relationship between RA and dissociative disorders and point to the places where the vicious cycle may be interrupted.

She has authored numerous international presentations and publications on the topics of attachment, dissociation, and abuse.

Abstract : Organized mind-controlling abuser groups deliberately create dissociative disorders in the children they abuse, and structure their victims' personality systems in a hierarchical manner. Each deliberately created alter personality has a job, and a boss, and is trained for unthinking obedience and loyalty to the perpetrator group or "family. Successful therapy involves reaching out to these higher-ups and engaging them in dialogue which leads them to question what they have been taught.

An actual dialogue by e-mail with the higher-up alters of a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control will be used to illustrate how to engage in such dialogue, important topics to address, and the therapeutic changes effected by such dialogue. About the Speaker: Dr. Miller is presently in private practice in clinical psychology, specializing in abuse survivors, persons with dissociative disorders, and in particular survivors of organized abuse including ritual abuse and mind control.

She also addresses child and family problems, and parenting issues. Miller coordinated the Child and Youth Program at the Victoria Mental Health Centre for many years, and is the originator and Director of Living in Families Effectively LIFE Seminars, educational family living seminars presented as courses, videotapes, printed materials, and part of the Good Medicine program for aboriginal nations. She has made many presentations about dissociative disorders and organized child abuse, and has published articles on these topics.

Accessing Dissociated Mental States. Abstract: Ritual abuse can be conceptualized as extremely painful or humiliating procedures that are inflicted to train victims to respond with trance, amnesia, and dissociation of identity. Why do perpetrators engage in these abuses? This kind of perpetration creates a sense of immense power and allows predators to engage in bizarre sexual abuses that the victims are unable to resist or report because of their incapacitating experience of dissociation of consciousness, memory and identity caused by the trauma.

In the case of Satanic ritual abuse the ceremonial trauma results in what some call multiple personalities, something that many authors have noted to be similar or identical in appearance to spirit or demon possession. The survivors of ritual abuse are trained to react with dissociative responses to specific triggering stimuli. This workshop teaches psychotherapists how to identify clients who are trigger responsive and how to work in a productive manner to identify the component parts and mechanisms of their dissociative systems in support of recovery.

Specific techniques for clinical use will be demonstrated. May Dare ai ricordi una specie di seconda vita? Consapevolezza e memoria. She became a born-again Christian and married a man who shared most of her views but lacked her fervor. Together, they fell under the influence of self-appointed prophet Ron Larrinaga.

The core group, with other hangers-on, traveled around the U.

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This life on the lam shut them off from contact with the outside world. Law enforcement officers had trouble closing in on Larrinaga, who claimed he was being persecuted for his religion. After he abandoned Rich, she came to her senses and filed criminal charges against him. Larrinaga, tried and convicted, was sentenced to years. Assisted by Jose coauthor of Guerrilla in Striped Pants , Rich tells a horror story of life in a cult.

Yet while making it clear that the leader was a sadistic sociopath, Rich shows herself to be gullible, to say the least. Photos not seen by PW.

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Copyright Cahners Business Information. She was not alone. A Florida court eventually convicted Larrinaga on 42 counts of child abuse and sexual molestation, imprisoning him for 50 years. An effectively rendered, emotionally gripping account, this work will surely become powerful ammunition for anticult partisans. It is, however, an admittedly unilateral account based on one person's memories: no corroboration or documentation is offered, and even years of occurrence are never specified.

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