Organisational resilience : concepts, integration and practice

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Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Rather, it is a synthesis of both: continuity in the face of disruptive challenges, and long-term viability against a backdrop of strategic change.

Measuring your Organisation's Resilience

It can also reduce overheads by having one overall coordinator, albeit with managers at key positions, all sharing the some purpose: It does this by integrating all those aspects of each discipline that have a common shared theme or connection of anticipating, responding and adapting to slow or sudden disruptions or shocks wherever, or however they might occur. It does this by engaging senior management on all aspects of the program, including determining the resiliency risk appetite, strategy, leadership and program oversight. Also, helping employees understand their roles and undertake validation tests and exercises for all critical functions and locations.

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They found that resilient companies do not just happen. In particular a the ability to anticipate problems before they develop, b flexibility to respond, c risk information flowed freely, d people and processes were in place to restore things to normal as quickly as possible and e the ability to learn from experience and make the necessary changes so that every event is analyzed. At Virgin Atlantic, for example, senior executives work in one corner of an open-plan office on the second floor.

In the Australian government set out to measure and compare OR in that country.

The Emperor’s New Clothes – A study of Organizational Resilience & BCM

Following the lecture, all participants will have a grasp of the organizational resilience concept. Organizations and Complexity The sword, the shield, and the radar of everyday life Our brain, psychology, and social capital Introduction to the ORT-model and Resilience Modelling Actional learning, changes, and influences Practice work with organizational resilience — How to Next certification open exam will take place at the Resilient People offices on November 21 and 22, VAT for a 3-Day course.

Customized training course: Designed in cooperation with the customer Talk to us about your needs and how we can accommodate your wishes. Gain a perspective on how a customized training course can tie in with your pre-existing development.

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