Penal Reform in Overcrowded Times

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Although offenders are being released, most have not received proper rehabilitation tactics to keep them from committing another crime. This often leads reoccurring offenders back into the prison system. There has been an increased in waitlisted or lack of specialized programs drug, alcohol, intoxicated driving courses that allow inmates to have the proper rehabilitation.

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Some crimes are just simply not given the option for parole, which holds inmates in the system for an extended time or even life. The rise of overcrowding has resulted in: [12]. One way to have population control within the prison system would be to prevent new crimes from being committed. Alternatives are but not limited to: [13]. Findings resulting from the research conducted suggest that technological systems are a viable solution for prison overcrowding:.

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It is not possible to eliminate crimes from happening to help alleviate prisons from the overcrowding crisis. Prison overcrowding has been a concerning issue for far too long. If past efforts have failed to address this issue, it is time to consider the use of technological systems. Not only will prisons benefit from the use of technological systems but the state of Colorado, would benefit by reducing the cost of housing inmates in prisons. Carson, A.

Prisoners in - Bureau of Justice Statistics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sentence Fewer Offenders? Retrieved Drug Policy Alliance. Statista Infographics.

The Big Picture - Prison Reforms

Of these, 78 had occupancy rates over percent with 52 of those being over percent. In the Philippines, where overcrowding is the worst, the occupancy level is over percent. Overcrowding disproportionately affects the prison systems in developing nations, with the highest rates in Central America, South Asia and East, Central and West Africa.

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Prisoners in overcrowded facilities are especially vulnerable. In , The U. High Commissioner for Human Rights listed violence and abuse as by-products of overcrowding, and evidence suggests that the consequences are actually much more extensive. Generally, prisoners experience high rates of mental illness and premature death.

Pardons are Not a Solution to Prison Overcrowding

Unsanitary prison conditions make them more vulnerable to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV with prisoners being five times more likely than the general public to contract the latter. Research by The U. Department of State and Penal Reform International PRI links overcrowding to malnutrition, lack of clean water and sanitation, inadequate health care, lack of accommodation for the disabled, mistreatment of prisoners, corruption of prison staff and insufficient legal protection; all of which contribute to even lower states of mental health.

Those who are poor or of a national, ethnic, religious or linguistic minority are the most afflicted since they are both more likely to be imprisoned and given longer sentences.

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Penal Reform in Overcrowded Times. Michael Tonry. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title This volume brings together a topical collection of articles on penal reform in the United States, Europe, Japan, and other English-speaking countries.

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