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Working with their team, Transatlantic forged a powerful brand positioning and messaging framework. This enables them to deliver better communications, faster. Access Afya.

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Access Afya is a primary health innovation company providing an end to end model for primary care tailored for urban informal settlements. It has created the model for profitable, scalable, high quality and localised healthcare, to serve global low-income markets.

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Transatlantic defined a powerful but accessible positioning and messaging framework for their multiple audiences: NGOs, government departments, pharmaceutical companies, patients, investors and media. Ongoing, Transatlantic is helping Access Afya package and publish the world-class outcomes from its patient-centric programs, such as the Kenyan NCD program to counter increasing diabetes and hypertension.

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Atlas Biomed. Atlas Biomed combines DNA and microbiome technologies with digital health data to inspire people into positive lifestyle change and lead them to a healthier future. Transatlantic is delivering smart, targeted brand and media positioning work along with top tier media events, activations and editorial to support Atlas Biomed. Atlas Biomed uses cutting edge techniques to provide the most comprehensive DNA test on the market, testing across an unrivalled traits and indicators over 5 categories — Health, Nutrition, Sports, Ancestry and personal traits.

Atheer Labs. Transatlantic defined their company narrative and used this as a basis to build a PR centred comms plan to help them connect with high value target audiences. Spire provides weather, maritime, and aircraft tracking data and insights, gathered from its constellation of advanced nano-satellites.

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Transatlantic worked with the exec team to create a compelling new vision, brand narrative and comms strategy. Created to drive new business, this brings to life the profound impact their products are starting to have on people, business, and governments around the world. WeFiFo is a market place to connect buyers and sellers of shared food experiences.

We worked with them to create a positioning to express their vision to democratise shared eating experiences created by home cooks. We worked with the founder Kenny on language, developing how they talk to prospective corporate clients to establish the brand, and developing the business model.


We worked with nuggets, a single-login secure payment platform based on blockchain technology, at a very early stage to define their mission, vision and values, messaging house and initial GTM language. We then used this to create PR outreach documents and pitch collateral for investors.

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Nuggets subsequently underwent an ICO and are now partnering with a range of major brands to bring their service to consumers. GameOn is a technology company specialising in chat bots especially for the media and entertainment industry. We set up over 10 meetings for them with leading rights holders and publishers which has led to successful deployments and further conversations for the business.

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New real time fiction app unrd offers readers a new format for experiencing fiction. Transatlantic worked with unrd founders Shib Hussain and Adam Lowe to craft a narrative and brand direction, launching the platform to much acclaim in October [app of the day on the App store] with a successful PR plan and strategy.

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RagTagd is an ed-tech business from Australia specialising in reinventing lost and found within schools. Their technology does away with lost property bins and provides ultra-simple RFID tags in kids' school uniforms and sensor-equipped bins to schools.

43 Easy 3-Ingredient Recipes

Yet few home cooks have the time to source and try new variations to favorite recipes. In her latest cookbook, Variations, Daniella Silver, author of the best-selling Silver Platter series of cookbooks, has created recipes that use basic, simple ingredients and provides variations that present a different way to showcase the main recipe. For example, a chicken dish is shown how to become a main or as an appetizer, a salad can be prepared as family-styled or plated individually by serving it in a pretty presentation or dish, and a batch of cookies can also become ice cream sandwiches.

To Daniella, the possibilities are endless. The photo on each page displays both the main recipe and the variation, so home cooks can see how each of them will look after they have been prepared.

Unfortunately we can only accept orders for books which will be picked up at the book launch in Toronto.